General Notice – May 24, 2017

Dear Members,


We are writing to update you on the outcome of the special General Meeting held on Tuesday, 23 May 2017 at the Blouza Hall to discuss the proposal received from an interested party wishing to open an Anytime Fitness Gym.

The members decided at the meeting NOT to proceed with this opportunity.

Thank you to those members who sent emails, text messages and attended the meeting.

No decision or any position on the matter had been taken by the Association Committee prior to the meeting. We merely wanted to bring the matter to the attention of the members for consideration.

We will continue to share with you in a transparent manner the things we feel you should know about the Blouza Hall. Many members on the night reiterated the view that the Blouza Hall was seen as their “Community Home”.

All we ask, is for you as a member, to continue supporting and participating in the Association, attending its functions and joining its Committee of Volunteers.

The Blouza Hall is a responsibility for all members to share today and well into the future.

Joe B Younis
For and on behalf of the Australian Blouza Association

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